The Merry Islanders and their Canaan

chimney-island-richard-de-wolfeIslands and their inhabitants have a charm of their own. Parting ways with the mainland did not just help the farming thrive; it had a benefice effect on the humanness too. Islanders are a content and a harmonious lot finding tranquil in their piece of land- that kind of serenity that is contagious to every sapiens that sets foot there.

Look into their faces, and they flash the most benevolent of smiles. Over the ages, they have stayed away from the bug called stress and have developed a strong immunity to it. Life is laid back there; perhaps it has to do with the lazy oceans that spread the calm. The kind of serenity that is innate to the beds of the sea.

The people are probably unruffled like the waters, the low crime rates here being a testament to that. How often do we read about acts of horrendous crime on the islands? Almost never.

A heavenly retreat for those seeking refuge, an island/isle/ islet- no matter what you call, offers much more than solace for those who can connect to it. A land of enchantment for the adventurous, an Arcadia for those seeking tranquility- an island has yet another synonym- The Elysium (the place where celestial beings live)

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